Press Release - Financial Education Programme

Press Release 23 November 2016

Education Plus and the Malta Stock Exchange combine forces to create educational features on finance.

The Malta Stock Exchange and Education Plus collaborated on a project to improve financial literacy amongst students through the creation of a series of short educational TV features that use clear and practical messages to explain financial and investment terminology and principles. 7 features were produced by multimedia students of the Alternative Learning Programme in Paola and the Stock Exchange. The features are aimed at improving personal financial management awareness by focusing on a range of subjects from basic money management and budgeting to principles of investment and planning a career in financial services. The features may be viewed through the Education Plus website

This project was a joint effort that was run between the Exchange and Education Plus that brought together the skills, knowledge and experience from the Exchange and the creativity and media production skills from the ALP Paola students. The students involved acquired a Level 3 Certificate in Multimedia and ICT Applications using it as a stepping stone to continue their media studies at MCAST.

The Malta Stock Exchange is taking an increasingly active role in increasing the level of financial literacy through the creation of these features, as well as the recently held MSE Annual Investor Education conference and the launch of the MSE Institute which will offer various courses on financial services at introductory, intermediate and advances level from January 2017.

It is planned that other organisations will collaborate with Education Plus in order to provide educational messages to the public in a clear and concise manner.