Klikk Finance plc admitted to Prospects MTF

Klikk Finance plc €2 million nominal 5.25% Unsecured Bonds admitted to Prospects MTF

Joe Tabone, CEO of Klikk Finance plc and Simon Zammit, CEO of the MSE rang the bell at the Exchange to commemorate the admission of the Klikk EUR 2 million bond to Prospects MTF. Klikk Finance plc are the 5th admission to the SME-oriented Prospects MTF market since February this year. Mr Tabone expressed his satisfaction at being admitted to this new market through a process that ensured that the structure, the business plan and other aspects of the company were in line with the Prospect MTF market rules. He said that the company now had a better outlook on the market and was more efficient and dynamic through changes made as a result of this process, for the benefit of their shareholders, investors, their stakeholders and the market in general.