Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Malta Stock Exchange and the Forum of Company Secretaries

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Malta Stock Exchange and the Forum of Company Secretaries.

About Malta Stock Exchange

The Malta Stock Exchange is a key player in the Maltese capital market providing companies a structure to raise capital and for the admission of a variety of financial instruments to its recognised lists which may subsequently be traded on a regulated, transparent and orderly secondary marketplace. It also offers a comprehensive range of back-office services including maintenance of dematerialised security registers, clearing and settlement and custody services through its in-house Central Securities Depository (CSD).

About the Forum of Company Secretaries

The Forum of Company Secretaries represents the companies that are listed on the Malta Stock Exchange and hold their registers at the CSD. The Forum was set up with the clear objective of discussing and assisting in the development of policies and other matters of common interest to its members, particularly in light of the ever-increasing compliance and regulatory requirements and a general necessity to organize and coordinate common interests.

The MoU seeks to establish a framework for cooperation, knowledge exchange, and enhanced communication between the parties, aiming to foster mutual growth and efficiency in the respective functions of the Exchange and the Forum of Company Secretaries. It solidifies the already existing collaboration between both parties and the maintenance of effective communication channels between both organisations.

The aim of this agreement is to continue to improve the business outcomes for Maltese capital market stakeholders through the sharing of knowledge, resources and best practices to enable the continuous growth of the Maltese capital market.

The MoU was signed by Malta Stock Exchange CEO, Mr Simon Zammit and the Chairman of the Forum of Company Secretaries, Dr Francis Galea Salomone. Both parties feel that the signing of this MoU marks a significant milestone for the MSE and the Forum of Company Secretaries, as it sets the stage for productive cooperation and paves the way for further advancement in the capital market.

Attending the event were also the Head of the Central Securities Depository, Ms Melissa Mamo and, Head of Market Operations, Ms Janice Sultana. Dr Galea Salomone was accompanied by Deputy Chair of the Forum, Dr Daphne Dodebier and Secretary General of the Forum, Mr Carlo Farrugia.