Press Release
Malta Stock Exchange to Assist Listed Companies
With immediate effect, the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) will introduce a number of measures to
alleviate financial stress on companies listed on the MSE’s Regulated Main Market and Prospects
MTF. These include the doubling of credit terms from two months to four months, therefore giving
companies additional time to settle outstanding balances, along with the waiving of late payment
The Exchange will also, on a case by case basis, work with companies, which require bespoke
extended payment plans beyond the extended four month payment period.
MSE Chairman, Mr Joseph Portelli highlighted that “Our stakeholders are very important to us
and we value them immensely, and we will do what is reasonably possible to be supportive as the
situation develops”
The Exchange also announced that it will be extending various regulatory reporting deadlines for
companies admitted to Prospects MTF by an additional two months, giving companies more time
to comply.
Issued by:
Malta Stock Exchange plc
24 March 2020